In most homes, the noble woman has more caring to do. She naturally bothers about the children more than the man; and in some cases she even bothers about her husband more than the man does for her.
However, this is not a general case. We see some women even dumping their children, for no acceptable reasons, for the man and packing out of the home. Some men too! They ignore the welfare of their children.
I believe that, both for the man and the woman, children are worth all the pain; because God, as my Father, gave up his best, Jesus, for my eternal wellbeing.
Alright! For the caring mother, the enemy will always want to steal your joy through challenges from your family – your children and sometimes your husband.
But you must fight for your joy because it’s your most treasured possession. That was why David said to the Lord; “Restore to me again the joy of your salvation.” (Ps. 51:12). And Jesus said He wants you filled with Joy and for it to overflow (John 15:11).
When our children are not living up to expected standards we tend to lose our joy; but you need that joy to fight for them.
Nehemiah told us clearly that the joy of the Lord is our strength (Neh. 8:10).
So most mums lose what they need to fight for their families. Imagine the Shunammite woman who lost her only child. She confidently said to Prophet Elisha; ‘it is well’. Whatever you may lose, keep your joy; because it will help you to recover.
The angels that run errands for us function in the environment of joy. Remember angel Gabriel said; “I stand at the presence of God” .
Of course, we know that in the presence of God, there is fullness of joy.
Never let the devil steal your joy because of what you haven’t received yet for your child. Let your angels function.
Sometime ago, during one of the periods of fuel crises; I had just employed a new driver. One day, we couldn’t get fuel to buy at the black market in Ibadan as we envisaged, so the fuel in the car got exhausted.
I sat at the back seat and covered my face with the bible. I told the driver to ignore the fuel gauge and drive on, though the car was jerking occasionally.
God bear me witness.
The car got to the gate of our house in Abeokuta, one hour later and stopped.
The moment we got to the gate it stopped itself and we pushed it into the compound.
The driver seeing the miracle, gave his life to Christ instantly.
Angels are real. If we had been grumbling in the car, the angels would have left and we would have been stranded.
Fight to keep your joy. Your joy is in the person of Jesus and not in what you have from Him. That’s from whom you receive strength to fight for your children.



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