...A moving testimony…

My prime purpose of writing this letter is to really thank you but I hope that by the time you finish reading this letter, you will be thinking of me in terms of who I am and not who I was.
When you started talking, I got probably the greatest shock of my life. It was as if you were holding up a mirror of truth which was reflecting the real state of my spirit and I was horrified by what I saw but I still maintained my seat. Your words hit home.
A month ago, I was probably the girl with the worst reputation in school. I delighted in rebelling. I did probably almost everything which was wrong according to the school rules: - I lied, stole, gossiped, cheated in exams, swore, boasted; just name it. I kept hordes of boyfriends but surprisingly, I never slept with any of them. But I never told my friends that I was a virgin because I was ashamed of my virginity so I lied to my friends that I had slept with many men. To add to that, I was a lesbian and all these was just for fun.
 But on that fateful day, as you spoke, I realised that I was being used, I realised I had become what I despised most- a cheat. I had cheated on myself, my parents, and friends and as if that was not enough, I had stupidly tried to cheat on God. You can imagine how sinful I was. It was as if my eyes were widely forced open. There and then, I decided to make a complete U-turn and take a very different approach to life. The approach of truth. After doing this, I felt very relieved. Then I felt that I had to thank you and I did so but that wasn’t enough for me so I decided to write this letter to let you know the impact of your words and to thank you properly. I’m so glad you stepped in on Wednesday.
Our exams started today and for the very first time all through my secondary school years, I wrote an examination in full confidence without cheating.
 I’ve also made up my mind to use my potentials to serve the living God. I have decided to be the best and I will do so with the help of the Almighty God. Thank you for everything.
 You have the potentials, go on living them. I will continue to pray for you. May the Grace of God be with you. Amen”.
One of the numerous letters from those who listen to the Holy Spirit speaking through Preacherman. Join us as partners in this world wide impact making ministry changing the lives of youths

  • My wife and I gave an offering as a seed for our daughter who was rebelling against us and even against God. She had gone to live with a boy. The parents of the boy didn’t even like her and the boy later dumped her.

Thereafter, she was living in hotels with crazy boys. It gave us mental torture.
But we continued to thank God, yet it got worse with her. We kept using the Strategic Mothers Magazine.
One day we succeeded to get her back home, but after a short while she ran away again to work in a bar. This time she found a church to play around and the pastor of the church picked her up and started giving her assignments that made her to go to church early.
Eventually she began to work in the children’s church, and led over 100 children to Christ. She and her pastor’s son began to date and eventually got married.
It was much joy for me, walking my daughter up to the altar to live a fulfilled life.


  • I am a minister of the gospel and my son would not go to church. It had been a source of embarrassment to us as ministers but I and my wife kept praying along with the Strategic Mothers materials. One day I watched a video by Preacherman titled “LORD GIVE MY CHILD AN ENCOUNTER”. The message and prayers strengthened us more. Suddenly, my son stopped doing drugs and said he wants to start a new life. He began to pray at night which was strange and now he not only attends church, but he gets to church before us.

Really, God has His time but we must stay on in intercession. Thank God for the Strategic Mothers vision of Preacherman and his team of ministers praying with us round the clock.


  • My daughter could in the simplest terms, be described as ‘morally bankrupt’. She had been rebellious, defiant; she had stubbornly rebuffed every attempt to counsel her in behaviour and moral uprightness. All these, in spite of so much love that we tried to lavish on her, with a view to encouraging her to follow a life of decency.

Her case became more disturbing when viewed against the background of the noble and respectable Christian ideals that have been the hallmarks of our family trees, both paternal and maternal.
I must confess that I had almost given up on her when it became clear that all the efforts of our close friends and relations were not yielding any positive results in her.  It was at that point that Strategic Mothers magazine came my way. Initially I did not want to get involved with the magazine. I simply dropped it somewhere in my office.
However, on an occasion, I forgot something in the office. When I went back in search of it, I came ‘face to face’ with the Strategic Mothers magazine again; it arrested my attention and I picked it up. Something created a curiosity in me to find out how exactly some women came to be identified as ‘Strategic Mothers’.
As I read from page to page, my interest in the expositions being made therein grew sharper. I began to gain better understanding of the roles I am supposed to play on behalf of my children. I then saw that indeed it was God ordering my steps through this unique publication and so, I decided to become a partner in the vision.
To my greatest surprise, as I faithfully followed the points raised in the prayer card, within a short time, my hitherto rebellious daughter began to manifest a change of character and began to attend church on her own volition.
Clearly, God works through whatever channel He chooses. Some of us think it’s only through our local churches God blesses but I found out that God has His servants located in various places whom He has given grace in certain areas. Now, my family is greatly blessed through the Strategic Mothers magazine.


  • I am much delighted to share the following testimony with the readers of this unique publication; ‘Strategic Mothers’.

At my first contact with the magazine, I did not rate it highly; but after a little while, some unseen divine force moved me to begin to read it. I had not gone far into it when I became convinced in my spirit that it is the kind of information that I needed to help me to tackle a desperate issue in my family. So, I kept on reading it.
After I have diligently gone through the first and the second editions of the magazine, I passed the teachings and the guidelines to my husband. He too quickly saw the relevance of it all, and we jointly embarked on executing the prayer points recommended, and every constituted authority.
Amazingly, within a short time, I began to notice changes for the better in his character. He became more submissive to parental cautions, counsels and control. He began to be interested in taking good care of the home, contributing and helping to bring cohesion into the family.
On noticing the positive changes that started manifesting in him, my husband and I decided to intensify our interceding on his behalf and our other children. We jointly fasted on the recommended fasting days. Additionally, I decided to sow a seed on behalf of my children. Then, wonders began to happen.
First, my hitherto rebellious son became interested in attending church with us. That gave me unspeakable joy.
Second, my daughter who had organized private coaching for children in her neighbourhood received a ‘booster’ that no one had expected. Without soliciting for it, the parents of the kids she was coaching decided by themselves, secured a parcel of land and gave it to her to build a proper school, without paying anything.
Certainly, this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in my eyes. My family owes huge gratitude to God for shedding forth the vision of ‘Strategic Mothers’ magazine at this point in time. I have therefore pledged myself to being full-fledged partner of this vision.



  • I watched Preacherman speak on Strategic Mothers on Dove television. I was caught to heart and I began to partner with the ministry immediately. I got to know you can send names of stubborn children to Strategic Mothers Prayer Chapel for prayer watch at prayer hours. I sent the name of my sister’s son who had become violent. Something strange happened. The day I forwarded his name to Strategic Mothers office, he accosted me and said he knew what I did. I was surprised how he knew but it confirmed to me that I had done the right thing with the right ministry. Within three months this boy turned around drastically and began attending church. I was so excited that I had to send a very private prayer request to Preacherman on a sensitive issue because I clearly saw the finger of God through the obedience of the Strategic Mothers team. Indeed, God answers prayers.


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